December 20, 2018
Having experience on both sides of many cases, makes Grover Arnett one of the best attorneys to have on your side in any case. The firm practices in many legal practice areas, including personal injury, especially car accident and wrongful death cases. However, they also excel with Social Security Disability claims and the firm is among the Top 10 in the state for workers' compensation law. The Grover Arnett Law Firm is very highly regarded in the state of Kentucky largely because they are results-oriented and excel in every practice area in which they work.

Just like their namesake, Grover Arnett, their attorneys are all highly skilled and knowledgeable. They have an excellent track record and a high level of respect for their clients. Whenever clients come to Grover Arnett's law firm, their lives are in disarray in some way, and he understands. His goal is to make sure they get the best possible legal counsel, because that will make their lives easier. When they provide representation anywhere in the state court system, they work hard to get the best possible result for their client.